Cascadian Classic Tickets and Trainer’s Passes will be on sale May 1, 2021 as the show gets closer.  Our hope is that the show will be able to run as a normal event but if State mandates prevent us from operating normal, we will have to change the format of the show to accommodate for both athletes and spectators. That may be that the show gets broken up from a traditional prejudging and evening finals format to a show that has sessions for each division. 

Each division will still have a prejudging and finals. Until we have solid information from both the State and Venue... we are planning on running a normal event.

Any tickets purchased will be placed into WILL CALL. No tickets will be mailed out due to delays in delivery and risk of loosing tickets. When you come to the show, there will be a WILL CALL station that you can go to and show your reciept. You will then be handed your tickets you purchased.

Please check back soon for more details.

All Backstage Trainers Passes for backstage access will be available during Friday evening Check-Ins. These allow your trainers backstage and also into the show. Please Note: All trainers and backstage help must now have a valid NPC Card. The cost for a /Backstage Pass is $100 per pass.

» Prejudging:

General admission seating. All tickets are $25. Tickets may be pre-purchased or purchased at the ticket booth. Doors will open at 8:30 AM. Show starts at 9:00 AM. RULES FOR TICKET HOLDERS: #1. No one may save seats. Seating is first come first serve and will be enforced, with removal for noncompliance. #2. There is no discount for purchasing at the doors.

» Finals:

General seating. All tickets are $35. Doors will open at 5:00 PM. Show starts at 6:00 PM. Unsold tickets will be available during pre-judging at 9am at the ticket booth, before and during the show. All seating is general and first come, first serve. We recommend coming early to get the best seats available. A limited number of standing room tickets will be available if General Seating tickets are sold out. There is no discount for purchasing at the doors.

» Backstage Pass:
All "Backstage Pass" holders are required to have a current NPC card via the NPC rules. No trainer, coach, make-up or hair stylist is allowed backstage wiithout a current NPC card and Backstage Pass. Backstage Passes can be purchased at the competitor checkin in on Friday evening and Saturday morning after showing a form of proof of current NPC card.

» Pump Room Rules:
Anyone other than The Cascadian Classic event staff members who would like to access the pump-up/backstage area will need to purchase a “Backstage Pass”. The charge is $100 for each band. The bands are permanent, and non-interchangeable. The access wristbands can ONLY be purchased at competitor check-in on Friday evening or Saturday morning. Once the showroom doors open to the public the wristband charge will be $125 each. Plan ahead to avoid a late charge. Trainers/Backstage Passes are located at the ticket booth. Please give your name to the attendants for the Will Call, or make your wristband purchase there.

Entrance/admission for only person per trainers pass (person wearing pass). If you are not a competitor or trainer with a pass, you must have a ticket to enter the event. An exception to purchasing a Backstage Pass is the event guest poser & his/her assistant. Our policy is to provide one Backstage Pass to each trainer for every 10 clients. To arrange your Backstage Pass before the competition, please email a listing of your intended competitors at least two weeks prior to the event. Please make certain they are confirmed to compete in the show.

The Backstage Pass will be in a specific person's name and will need to be picked up Friday evening or Saturday morning. There will be a will-call/backstage pass table at the ticket booth. Please give your name to the attendants at will-call or make your backstage pass purchase at the table.


  1. You must have your backstage pass at all times. Any tampering with the pass or sharing the pass will require you to purchase another backstage pass or be removed from the competition.

  2. Listen and follow all instructions and please be respectful of event staff.

  3. No trainers are allowed to the stage or in the staging area past the doors leading to the stage. You must work with your client in the pump-up room or hallway. When an expeditor calls competitors into a class lineup to bring to them on stage, you will need to exit the pump-up area into the showroom if you want to watch your client. You are not allowed to walk through the stage area. 

  4. Anyone other than The Cascadian Classic event staff members who would like to be backstage will be required to have a backstage pass.

  5. The event expeditors may remove any unruly individuals upon the expeditor’s discretion. Please mind your manners, language, and follow the rules and be respectful of all other individuals during the Cascadian Classic production.

  6. If you have sponsored a class or an overall award and are presenting, you will be given access to the stage area. You will escorted to the staging area by a Cascadian Classic staff member.

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