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2023 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 27, 2023 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Ace Baldwin
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Ronald Brown 
Open Figure: Trish Fujihara
Masters Figure: Trish Fujihara
Classic Physique: Brandon Wise 
Masters Classic Physique: Colton Ostermiller
Open Bikini: Laura Lee Musson
Masters Bikini: Laura Lee Musson
Womens Physique: Cheyenne Tinnell 
Mens Physique: Miles Mann 
Masters Physique: Edward Conley

Open Wellness: Frenchesca Grandmaison 


2022 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 28, 2022 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Andrew Erickson 
Open Figure: Cheyenne Tinnell 
Masters Figure: Cindy Cavagnol 
Classic Physique: Johan Ovalles 
Masters Classic Physique: Ernesto Rodriguez 
Open Bikini: Jasmine Green
Masters Bikini: Jasmine Green
Womens Physique: Shyla Larue 
Mens Physique: Johan Ovalles 
Masters Physique: Wd Jackson 


2021 NPC Cascadian Classic- June 26, 2021 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Anthony Deherrera
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Vince Schroder
Open Figure: Ivana Jungic
Masters Figure: Ivana Jungic
Classic Physique: Kris Shumway
Masters Classic Physique: Joe Laroche
Open Bikini: Crista Jordan
Masters Bikini: Katie Lake
Womens Physique: Kat Conger
Mens Physique: Victor Fong
Masters Physique: Victor Fong

Open Wellness: Janell Johnson


2019 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 25, 2019 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Justin Shier
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Art Wallace
Open Figure: Julia Monroe
Masters Figure: Jennie Bowden
Classic Physique: Mikel Nielsen
Masters Classic Physique: Mikel Nielsen
Open Bikini: Melissa Brush
Masters Bikini: Sasha Hartleb
Womens Physique: Julia Monroe
Mens Physique: Alex Atanasov
Masters Physique: Michael Olivera


2018 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 26, 2018 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Jake Toll
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Christopher Lovell
Open Figure: Alicia Morse
Masters Figure: Meghan Boehm-Hart
Classic Physique: Mohammed Alzaher
Masters Classic Physique: Scott Sheeran 
Open Bikini: Alyssa Blessing
Masters Bikini: Tiffany Baratta
Womens Physique: Kimberly Bickley
Mens Physique: Mohammed Alzaher
Masters Physique: Daniel Wilson


2017 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 27, 2017 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Abdulla Musa
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Christopher Lovell
Open Figure: Alexa Floria
Masters Figure: Stephanie Garner
Classic Physique: Dustin Pederson
Open Bikini: Maeghan Angel
Masters Bikini: Shirley Carney
Womens Physique: Stephanie Garner
Mens Physique: Dane Tufford
Masters Physique: Ed Casaday


2016 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 28, 2016 - Overall Winners:

Open Mens Bodybuilding: Maurice Pollock
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Brad Potter
Open Figure: Jennifer Ripple
Masters Figure: Jeanette Frieden
Classic Physique: Jesse Knerr
Open Bikini: Alexis Reiner
Masters Bikini: Coral Vig
Womens Physique & Bodybuilding: Jennika Hill
Mens Physique: Mykeelo McMurry
Masters Physique: Antwan Adams


2015 NPC Cascadian Classic- May 23, 2015 - Overall Winners:

Open Bodybuilding: Addison Alexander
Masters Mens Bodybuilding: Michael Huggins
Open Figure: Megan Estes
Masters Figure: Shelly Sanders 
Open Bikini: Mindy Kayser
Masters Bikini: Tiffany Manning 
Womens Physique: Lisa Lindquist
Mens Physique: Travis Cornwell
Masters Physique: Steve Taylor

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